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I am a musician, performer, and teacher residing in New York City. Throughout my life, I have had the fortune of performing in both music theatre & opera, onstage and in the orchestra pit. The invaluable experience I have gained is one that I wish to impart as a voice teacher and coach.

My work is to guide the student to sing with freedom and ease, help them discover their own voice, and guide them to empower their musical instincts and enhance their abilities to communicate through song. 

I hope my site will provide you with a glimpse of my work, teaching philosophies, and accomplishments. It truly is a pleasure to work with such bright, promising talent and watch them blossom into extraordinary performers and musicians. Thank you again for visiting, and feel free to contact me with questions or any inquiries for private study.

"Professor Ricciardone has redefined what it means to be a singer. He is totally committed to my development as a professional and as a person. My repertoire has been vastly expanded, and I have newfound confidence in my voice, singing ability, and potential.  Truly one of the highlights of my time at NYU". 

-Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre Graduate

NYU Steinhardt Class of 2009

"Carousel Waltz"

from Rodgers & Hammerstein II's Carousel​​, 2014.

Frederick Loewe Theatre, NYU.

With the debut of the newly restored original orchestration. Played by an all-student orchestra of 40 players.

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